Yoga for Deep, Restful Sleep

Yoga-Sleep_DVD_featured2This series of gentle stretches is appropriate for:

• Those new to yoga.
• Safe if you have neck or back pain.
• The elderly.

Do you toss and turn at night? Do you wake up each morning feeling more tired than you were the night before? If you don’t feel refreshed in the morning, you might want to consider a different nightly routine. Instead of staying up late at night watching television or surfing the net, why not try unwinding to”Yoga for Deep, Restful Sleep.” The sequence of gentle stretches in this DVD was developed by a yoga teacher to help you easily relax before bed and then drift off to sleep like a baby. This series is designed to:

• Ease pain and relax muscles.
• Quiet your mind.
• Help you go to sleep.

May you enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation and a deep, restful night’s rest.

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 DVD – $29.97

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