Yoga for Chiropractic

Yoga-Chiropractic_DVD_featured2This series of gentle stretches is appropriate for:

• Those new to yoga.
• Safe and effective for chiropractic patients who have neck, upper thoracic or lower back pain.
• The elderly.

Hi, I’m Dr. Rettner. Many years ago I realized that after I adjusted a patient, very often the fascia would be so tight that it would pull the spine out of alignment as soon as my patient left the office. Therefore, I wanted to teach my patients yoga to do at home, so their adjustments would hold longer. A highly skilled yoga teacher developed the series of asanas and stretches on this DVD. These stretches are designed to help you:

• Have a good stretch when waking up in the morning.
• Relieve pain.
• Improve posture.

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 DVD – $29.97

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