FAST – Fascial Alignment Stretch Technique

Improves Posture Fast!

The FAST – Fascial Alignment Stretch Technique is a unique set of easy-to- learn tools for chiropractors and massage therapists. With it you can release chronic muscle tension, decrease whiplash pain, improve range of motion and improve athletic abilities. This set of gentle stretches works directly with the fascia that holds bones out of place, causing chronic postural imbalance. Learn key fascial points for head tilt, high shoulder and anterior weight bearing. The F.A.S.T. can be done by a massage therapist in a single office visit and will allow your adjustments to be more effective and hold longer. Help your patients to stand up straight with ease, move more gracefully and have better body awareness. Includes special treatments for:

• Running efficiency and performance

• Flat feet, torticollis, and sciatica

• Recovery from childbirth

Fascial Alignment Stretch Technique can help you:

• Improve athletic abilities

• Improve cervical and lumbar curves

• Prevent disc degeneration

(46 minutes)

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