Cranial Osteopathy

Motion palpate and adjust cranial bones!

Dr. Anthony Bryant N.D., D.O., one of England’s leading craniopaths, shows viewers many cranial techniques that help in treating migraine headaches, hypertension, whiplash, sinus congestion, fatigue, depression, insomnia and many other difficult conditions. The video covers cranial motion, motion palpation, as well as adjustment of the cranial bones without the use of assistant holds or muscle testing. It also covers the non-force release of the continuous fascial sheath of the pelvis, diaphragm, thoracic outlet and the atlanto-occipital area. The evaluation and treatment of the frontal and temporal bones, the temperamandibular joint (TMJ) parietal lift, sphenobasilar flexion and extension, rotation, sidebending and much more are covered in detail. An excellent video for both beginning and experienced chiropractors.

(73 minutes)

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Product Category: Massage Techniques, Personal Injury

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