Cranial Nerve Technique

Improve hearing and vision!

Cranial Nerve Technique improves the ability of cranial nerve function by stimulating the spine in order to affect the brain while restoring losses in the five senses. A step-by-step instruction is clearly demonstrated. Learn how to improve:

• Hearing loss

• Nearsightedness

• Eye Muscle movement

• Bells Palsy

• Gastric reflux

“After being involved in a car accident, I developed blurry vision and had trouble doing fine work. After one treatment of Cranial Nerve Technique, my vision was clear. It was almost like I had new eyes. I was energized by it!”

—Rosemary Nelson, Santa Barbara, California

(29 minutes)

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DVD – $47

Audiobook – $37

E-book – $27

Product Category: New Chiropractic Techniques

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