Personal Injury DVDs

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a new personal injury patient.

These are patients we can really help and get paid well doing it. A personal injury practice can be  challenging at times. You refer patients to attorneys  and often they don’t return the referral.

That is why we have the Unlimited Personal Injury Patients home study course.The course includes how to get new patients and how to treat them thoroughly and effectively.

“Unlimited Personal Injury Patients” covers a very effective marketing  method for getting new PI patients.

The “Three Phases of Healing After a Whiplash Accident ” DVD is shown to the patient before your report of findings. It clearly explains in lay language,  based on scientific research, why patients need to come in for up to a year of chiropractic care after a whiplash injury. This same information is also available as a brochure that you can give to your patient after your report of findings to show to their spouse.

“Twelve Causes of an Unstable Spine” covers what to do in the first two visits to stabilize your patient’s spine so that you can move on to the reconstructive phase of care.

The “Reconstructive Care” DVD covers  chiropractic adjustments, exercises and tractioning. These improve posture, range of motion and change the cervical and lumbar curves on x-ray.

“Cranial Osteopathy” has a special section on how to work with the suboccipital muscles after whiplash. Cranial Osteopathy can be beneficial  in relieving headaches from whiplash injuries.

“Fascial Alignment Stretch Technique” works with the fascia that binds us. Fascia covers our muscles and is often very tight after a car accident. Working with the fascia  releases pain, improves posture and range of motion. After car accidents patients often have multiple trigger points.

“Applied Trigger Points” shows you how to work with trigger points both gently and effectively.