New Chiropractic Techniques

I have a very curious and creative mind. After studying 14 chiropractic techniques including Gonstead, Activator, Biophysics, AK, SOT and TBM  because of my desire to help patients I’ve developed seven new chiropractic techniques.

I have taught these techniques in seminars across the United States, Canada, Australia and England.

“CNT — Cranial Nerve Technique” helps to improve vision and hearing and works with Bells Palsy. Nerve Track Technique is excellent for releasing deep-seated painthat nothing else can touch.

With “SET — Spinal Encephalo Technique” it is now possible to adjust the spine and extremities through the cranium as well as affecting posture, mood and flexibility.

“ACT — Allergy Correction Technique” gets to the root cause of and airborne and food allergies and fixes it.

“RBT — Releasing Birth Trauma” releases the physical and emotional effects of going through the birth canal.

“Fascial Alignment Stretch Technique” stretches the fascia that binds us, causing pain and stiffness and poor posture.

“CUTT — Chiropractic Upper Thoracic Technique” helps you identify which of the two major subluxation patterns to work with and the key vertebrae to adjust for a powerful release every time.